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The Indonesian Red Cross Societies (PMI)
aThe foundation of red cross organization in Indonesia was actually started long before World War II. It was 21 October 1873 when the Netherlands Colonial Government founded Red Cross in Indonesia called Nederlands Rode Kruis Afdeling Indie (Nerkai) which was later revoked following Japanese colonization.

The effort to establish PMI was started in around 1932. It was pioneered by Dr. RCL Senduk and Dr Bahder Djohan, which was then widely supported by public particularly Indonesian educated class. They strived to propose draft to Nerkai Convention assemblies in 1940. However, it was completely ruled out. Then, the draft was filed awaiting favorable moment to come. During Japan colonization, they sought to found a National Red Cross Council once again. However, this second attempt was rejected by Japanese Military Government, making the draft archived.

17 days following Indonesian independence, that was 3 September 1945, a battle between Indonesian fighters and the Allied armies broke out. As a result, many soldiers were wounded or killed who needed help. Thus, on 3 September 1945, President Soekarno ordered the establishment of National Red Cross Body. On the President's order, Dr. Buntaran who was the Minister of Health Affairs of Cabinet I founded "Committee 5" comprising dr R. Mochtar (Chairman), dr. Bahder Djohan (Secretary), as well as dr Djuhana, dr Marzuk, and dr. Sitanala (member).

Finally, the Indonesian Red Cross Societies was founded on 17 September 1945, and began its operations by giving assistance to victims of Indonesian independence war and facilitating repatriation of the Allied forces and Japanese prisoners of war. Based on the performance, PMI received an international recognition in 1950 that it was accepted as a member of the International Red Cross and achieved its legal status through a Presidential Decree ("Keppres") Number 25 Year 1959 -which was later reinforced by a Presidential Decree Number 245 Year 1963.

Today, PMI network is present in 31 provincial regions and 389 district/municipal regions and supported by 165 Chapter Blood Transfusion Units ("UTDC") and Branch Blood Transfusion Units ("UTTD") throughout Indonesia.

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